Making your advertising work harder

Whether your company is large or small (or somewhere in between), press advertising can still be the best way to reach a wide audience. But it’s worth remembering the copywriting process is very different to creating a website or brochure. A press ad always sits among a mass of editorial (the reason your potential customer bought the mag in the first place) so to get noticed your ad has to work very hard indeed.

This means conceptual skills and the ability to write impactful headlines are essential. You’d be surprised how many freelance copywriters don’t have these skills because they lack an advertising agency background.

If you check out my portfolio you’ll see a number of advertisements and posters where the headline and visual work together dynamically. They are also totally focused on selling product benefit. Eye-catching and customer-catching – this is what every successful ad has to be. Anything else is just ‘wallpaper’.

Hire a copywriter who will make your budget go further

If you don’t have a huge budget all the more reason for hiring a freelance copywriter like me with an ad agency background. I know how to make small spaces work harder and can think visually as well as verbally when working with a designer or art director.

Advertising copywriting is what I love doing most of all because it represents the ultimate challenge for a copywriter. So if you want to achieve some powerful, effective advertising – anything from a single local newspaper ad to a national press and poster campaign – it would be great to hear from you.