Advertorial copywriting

An advertorial is exactly what it sounds: a cross between an advert and editorial, and as such takes a fair degree of skill to write. If you employ me as your advertorial copywriter, I’ll be able to give it the perfect balance between promoting your product or service and making it sound as if it is written as objectively as an editorial piece in the publication.

In my experience as a freelance copywriter, an advertorial can sometimes be more effective than a straight piece of advertising. Customers tend to be far more willing to read long copy if it is presented in an editorial format, wrapped up in a compelling story.

Any professional copywriter worth their salt will present your product or service in all its glory, making a persuasive case based on a full report of the benefits. So if you’d like to make the most of your next advertorial, why not contact me for an idea of how I’d approach your project and discover just how affordable it could be.