How to email a freelance copywriter for a quote

‘I need a wall building. How much will it cost?’

Freelance copywriters are no different to bricklayers when it comes to giving out quotes. We need to know the size and nature of the job in hand.

But it’s surprising how often potential clients tell us little more than the fact that they intend doing some marketing and would like to know how much the copywriting is going to cost.

Of course, we can send them our hourly rate, but how do you know if you’re going to be employing an expensive tortoise or a slapdash greyhound (when maybe what you really want is something in between?)

To provide an accurate quote, I’d suggest most freelance copywriters need to know just three basic things:

1. How much preliminary research is likely to be needed.
2. Whether you need to meet face to face or whether the briefing can be done remotely
3. The nature and size of the actual job.

I promise this isn’t as complicated as it sounds. For example, the quote request could go something like this:


We are in the process of considering the design of our new company brochure and would like an idea of how much it would cost to employ a professional copywriter.

We envision the brochure being 16 pages, but a lot of the space will be taken up with photographs. As a rough guide, we wouldn’t expect there to be more than 250 words per page.

We already have a current brochure but some of facts are out of date and we would like a more modern, approachable style. There is plenty of up-to-date information about the company on our website at and I can answer any further questions over the phone. We will also supply you with a list of our competitors.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Esteemed Client

If that email is sent out to five or six copywriter you like the look of, then you’re going to get some genuinely useful feedback on the range of prices you can expect, rather than a lot of vague estimations that are more use in a ballpark than a marketing budget.