How long should your website content be?

There is a myth that nobody will read a large amount of text on screen. If this was the case the New York Times would not be one of the most successful websites in the world.

The reality is that people read differently on the web. They tend to be far more focused on information retrieval. If your copy isn’t equally fixed on their needs then attention will switch to searching for another site that can deliver the information more successfully.

It’s not so much about length, but quality and relevance of content. And whether it’s written in a way that interests and engages.

Another thing to consider is that search engines like Google tend to love longer content. It helps them build a picture of the relevance of your site that short or non-existent copy – particularly on the homepage – just doesn’t allow.

Your website content should be just long enough to put over the information your visitors need, no more, no less.

Simple navigation is also very important if you are going to keep visitors reading. The person browsing on the web has almost infinite choice, almost instantaneously. This means that the slightest confusion about where to go on your site next, means they simply won’t bother. It’s just as quick to switch to a competitor’s site in the hope that the navigation will be more logical.

Acquiring visitors through good SEO and other marketing tactics is of course vital, but it’s easy to forget what happens once your visitors have arrived.

Remember it’s only good copywriting and content that will make them stay. And it’s only through well designed navigation that they’ll be led towards a sale.