Years of experience in advertising and marketing

Okay, this is the section where I get to put my boasting boots on.

Before going freelance I was senior copywriter in some excellent ad agencies, working alongside talented art directors and bright advertising planners.

In fact, there is scarcely a product category I haven't worked on at some time and always for clients who demanded uncompromising standards. And along the way I've gained loads of experience in every kind of media - from cost effective direct mail to high spending TV campaigns.

A flexible approach to every copywriting project

This kind of background means you learn the hard way what works and what doesn't: when to be innovative and when it's better to follow tried and tested routes. Above all, it gives you the knack of putting yourself into the heads of every kind of target audience.

In other words, whatever your market, I can talk its language.

Last but not least, an honours degree in English from Cambridge University and an MA in Creative Writing from UEA has helped provide the mental discipline you need to have as a freelance copywriter.

Choosing a copywriter always feels a bit of a gamble, but picking one with the right experience means you can get almost certain odds on a successful project.