How do I choose the right freelance copywriter?

If you search for freelance copywriter on the web you’ll find literally hundreds of individuals selling their services, and of course they’re all in the writing business so they’re going to be pretty persuasive.

That’s why I’d suggest paying attention to just two things. First, their experience. And secondly, their portfolio or work samples.

If you want good marketing copy for example you need to look for somebody with a background in advertising – an ex-journalist or self-taught writer is unlikely to cut it.

Then look at samples of their work. (If they don’t have any on the website then that’s probably a bad sign.)

Put the two together and you should be able to come up with a fairly accurate picture of their capabilities. The next step is getting a quote to make sure their prices are equally appealing.

How much is it going to cost?

I charge on an hourly basis of £44.00 + VAT, which I think you’ll find is pretty much par for the course if you want a freelance copywriter with my background and skill-sets.

But of course the hourly rate is pretty much meaningless unless you know how long I’m going to take for your particular project. A lot of people say I work faster than other copywriters.

However, I can usually give a fairly accurate estimate with a little information:

1. What do you need writing (e.g. a twelve page brochure with a moderate amount of copy)
2. What are you selling with this project (e.g. a new product that will help people get stones out of horses, hooves more easily)
3. How quickly you need it.

This is enough for me to give you a ball-park figure.

Can you give a fixed quote?

I nearly always give a fixed quote once I have a fuller picture of what the project involves. I also give a date by which the work will definitively be delivered. The fixed quote covers minor amendments, but not radical rewriting. If you were genuinely very unhappy with the first draft, then I probably wouldn’t charge at all (it hasn’t happened yet).

How long will it take?

Like most freelance copywriters, much of my work is to fairly short deadlines. I can usually start a new project within a week or less. How long it then takes to deliver will of course depend on the size of the job.

What if I have a rush job?

A rush job in advertising is usually one that is required same day or next morning. Just give me a call and I’ll let you know if I can fit it in and how much the rush fees will be.

How do I brief a freelance copywriter on my project?

What they say about software – rubbish in, rubbish out – is equally applicable to advertising. I regard it as part of my job to make sure I have the information and direction I need before writing a word of your copy. (If your copywriter doesn’t start with the right brief, don’t blame yourself, blame your copywriter.)

That said there are ways you can speed up the process if you like. First, is to let me have as much information as you think is relevant. This could include existing marketing material, your website address, names of competitors and an idea of the target audience.

This kind of stuff is great for giving me an overview of your business. I can then ask the specific questions which relate to the job in hand. This can be done either by phone, email or face to face, depending on which is most suitable for the job and your location.

Do you work for clients outside the UK?

Yes, I’ve worked for clients as far apart as Singapore and Chicago, and also do a fair amount of work for EU clients. Unless you are a very large multinational company, I normally ask overseas clients for half the payment prior to starting the job.

Okay, I’m interested – what next?

Just contact me with brief details of the project you have in mind and I’ll get back to you very quickly with a no obligation estimate of costs and timings.

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