Copywriting for leaflets and flyers

You’ve probably experienced the feeling yourself – a leaflet is handed to you in the street or a flyer lands on your doormat – and your first thought is ‘where’s the nearest bin?’ Of course, leaflets and flyers can be a great way to reach customers cost effectively, but only if they’re written well enough to get read.

As a freelance copywriter I can provide you with leaflet copy that stands a much higher percentage chance of capturing your target audience. To begin with I’ll give you a headline for the front which will stop the reader and make them believe there might be something in it for them personally.

I’ll then deliver fast, benefit-led copy and bullet points that engage and persuade, whilst leading naturally on to the call to action. Leaflets and flyers are often called a scattergun approach to advertising, but there’s nothing wrong with that so long as you’re using good ammunition.

So if you need a compellingly written leaflet, why not get in touch and see just how much more effective it can be when written by a professional freelance copywriter.