A copywriter for newsletters and in-house magazines

Newsletters and in-house magazines need to do two things: inform and entertain. As a freelance copywriter I can combine the two to make sure your publication gets read with keen interest rather than treated as yet another routine corporate communication.

Even when the stories have already been written by your own people, it’s always a good idea to let a professional copywriter rewrite them where necessary for consistency and readability. It’s amazing how the right words and a fresh angle can transform even the most mundane article.

A newsletter is an informal, friendly way of getting across important information to your customers. An in-house mag should help to motivate your staff, make them feel good about the company, as well as keeping abreast with latest developments.

Using a freelance copywriter can help make your publication come alive to the reader and promote goodwill towards your company. Please contact me if you’d like a quote and guidelines on how I could bring a new approach to your next newsletter or magazine.