Press Releases

Good PR is all about getting the right angle on a story – one that excites your public’s imagination and gets them wanting to know more. Of course, today’s Press Releases are as likely to be found on the web as in a magazine or newspaper but the essential principles remain the same.

It all starts with the headline, and as a freelance copywriter with years of ad agency experience this is where I perhaps have the advantage over a journalist. My whole copywriting career has been built around creating headlines that pull in punters.

I’ll also use my copywriting skills to craft the story so that it features your important product or service benefits as a natural part of the story. Websites and publications are always looking for material that will appeal to their readers, but they’ll rarely accept pieces that are overtly promotional.

Combining great story telling with a subtle sell is an attribute you’re most likely to find in a seasoned freelance copywriter. So please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want your next press release to attract that little bit more attention from editors and readers alike.