Copywriting for TV, Video and Radio Scripts

Radio Scripts
How often have you been on the receiving end of radio commercials that are just background noise, or else too loud and crowded to communicate? My approach to radio scripts is to create concepts that are impactful and original enough to get the listeners’ attention but without detracting in any way from the central sales message.

Sparing use of sound effects, music idents, humour and above all, the right pacing, can result in a commercial that is listened to, remembered and acted on.

TV Commercials
Copywriting TV commercials is a case of making words and pictures work together beautifully. Some of the best commercials have virtually no words at all, but often it is a copywriter’s conceptual skill which has provided the visual ideas. Working with ad agencies, I’ve been involved in a number of commercials, ranging from £100,000+ productions to much more modestly budgeted projects.

I can write full scripts or provide a range of broad concepts to your brief. With bags of experience, I am always focused 100% on the core objectives. Remember, sometimes a freelance copywriter can bring a fresh perspective to a project an agency has been working on for a long time.

Sad but true - corporate or product videos are often the butt of jokes for the amateurish scripts that so regularly go with them. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A freelance copywriter with well honed advertising skills can write fresh and persuasive words that will make the video work like an extended commercial.

Sometimes it is a case of letting the picture do the talking. Other times it is a question of choosing the right voiceover. Or simply writing in a contemporary direct style that assumes an intelligent audience. If you have a script you would like energising in the hands of a professional freelance copywriter, why not contact me today?